Admission and Discharge Procedures

Admission and Discharge Procedures. We are committed to making every effort for the swift recovery of our patients.

Admission Procedure

  1. 01. Decision for Admission

    Listen to an explanation from the attending physician of the respective department and receive an admission decision form.

  2. 02. Admission Process

    Complete the admission agreement form through the admissions/discharge counter of the administrative team, and then you will be assigned to a hospital room./p>

  3. 03. Admission Tests

    Proceed to the Department of Radiology/Diagnostic Medicine for any necessary tests before admission.

  4. 04. Admission to the Room

    Receive admission guidance from the ward nurse of the assigned room, and then enter the room.

Discharge Procedure

  1. 01. Decision for Discharge

    진료과를 통해 퇴원이 결정되면 해당 병동 간호스테이션에 퇴원여부를 알려주세요.

  2. 02. Discharge Guidance

    Confirm with the attending physician through the nursing station, and then proceed with the discharge guidance.

  3. 03. Discharge Assessment

    The assessment team will determine the cost of your stay based on the duration of your admission. Please inform the administrative team.

  4. 04. Discharge Process

    Follow the guidance of the admissions/discharge payment counter of the administrative team to settle your admission expenses.요.

  5. 05. Completion of Discharge

    Present the discharge completion receipt at the respective nursing station. After your discharge, receive instructions on precautions and any prescribed medications before heading home.