Mission & Viosion


The Hands that Create and the Hands that Heal
Come Together to Restore Eden to the World.


  • Medicine + Faith

    A hospital where the hands that create and the hands that heal work together.

  • Cure + Healing

    A hospital where physical treatment and emotional treatment go hand in hand.

  • Family + Serving

    A hospital where employees become a family and serve like a family.

  • Restoring Eden

    A hospital that contributes with love to society, the nation, and humanity.

Core Values & Implementation

  • Respect for Life

    Each life holds universal value.

  • Medicine as Compassion

    Medicine is a compassionate practice and a tool in the hands of the one that controls life which works in harmony with the absolute being.

  • Expansion of "WE" Concept

    Humanity is one family, one community. Our employees and customers are like a family. We extend the concept of "WE" to encompass society, nation, and humanity.

  • Serving

    The true leadership is like the creator’s serving.

  • Change/Innovation

    We must break away from complacency to survive and thrive.