Hospital History

BS General Hospital History

  • 2023

    MayOpening of Dormitory Wing Seminar Room/Fitness Room

    MarchDesignated as a support target for the specialized attraction of foreign patients in 2023

    FebruaryDesignated as a medical institution for latent tuberculosis infection treatment.

  • 2022

    DecemberAchieved 1st grade in Dementia Suitability Assessment

    NovemberRedesignation as a Local Emergency Medical Institution

    NovemberChairman Baek Seung-ho of Sungsoo Medical Foundation conducts volunteer work in the Philippines

    NovemberSurpassed 70,000 emergency patients.

    OctoberDesignated as an Advanced Regenerative Medical Institution

    OctoberNewly certified for the 4th time as an excellent testing laboratory

    JulyHosted the 1st BS General Hospital Director's Gate ball Tournament.

    MayExpanded from 74 rooms and 262 beds to 74 rooms and 266 beds

    FebruaryDesignation as a COVID-19 Remote Treatment Counseling Center/Remote Treatment Management Medical Institution/Remote Treatment Outpatient Clinic Center

    JanuaryDesignation as a COVID-19 Specialized Hospital (110 beds)

    JanuaryExpanded from 74 rooms and 261 beds to 74 rooms and 262 beds (1 ICU bed added)

  • 2021

    DecemberSigned a cooperation agreement with the Korean Red Cross Incheon Blood Center for life donation.

    NovemberObtained accreditation as a delegated medical institution.

    NovemberIncreased the number of COVID-19 dedicated beds (110 beds)

    OctoberNewly certified for the 3rd time as an excellent testing laboratory

    AugustDesignated as a hospital for lung cancer screening.

    AugustEstablished a molecular diagnostic laboratory.

    JulyRedesignated as a COVID-19 dedicated bed facility (40 beds)

    JuneInstallation of isolation beds in emergency medical facilities

    AprilDesignated as a contracted medical institution for COVID-19 prevention vaccination tasks.

    FebruaryEstablishment of a dedicated respiratory clinic

    JanuaryOperation of COVID-19 dedicated beds.

  • 2020

    OctoberExpansion of medical facilities (parking facilities)

    SeptemberReacquired a new certification for an excellent testing laboratory.

    AprilDesignated as a hospital entrusted with veterans' medical care.

    MarchDesignated as a hospital for public safety and citizens' peace

    FebruaryEstablishment of Brain and Spine Center

    JanuaryEstablishment of the first special health diagnostic institution in Ganghwa County

  • 2019

    NovemberSurpassed 110,000 outpatient visits.

    AprilOpening of the Ophthalmology Center

    JanuaryDesignation as a local emergency medical institution

    JanuaryOpening of the Dental Center

  • 2018

    NovemberOpening of BS General Hospital (207 beds)

    JuneOrientation for the medical staff of BS General Hospital

    AprilOrientation for the new family members of BS General Hospital, Bed capacity changed to 261 beds.

  • 2017

    DecemberGanghwa Job Fair - Hosted by BS General Hospital

  • 2016

    NovemberGroundbreaking ceremony for Ganghwa County Comprehensive Medical Center