Patient Rights and Responsibilities

To provide the best possible medical care,
BS General Hospital declares the following rights and responsibilities of patients

01 Patient Rights

The Right to Receive Medical Care

Patients have the right to receive appropriate healthcare services to protect their health. They should not be denied medical care without valid reasons, such as gender, age, religion, social status, or financial circumstances.

The Right to Information and Self-Determination

Patients have the right to receive comprehensive information from their attending physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. This includes information about their medical condition, treatment methods, expected outcomes (including potential side effects), and treatment costs. Patients can also ask questions and make decisions about their treatment.

The Right to Privacy Protection

Patients have the right to the confidentiality of their medical and health-related information. Healthcare professionals and institutions are not allowed to disclose or publish a patient's medical information without their consent, except in cases required by law, such as criminal investigations.

The Right to Request Consultation and Mediation

In case of disputes related to medical services, patients have the right to request consultation and mediation through organizations like the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency.

02 Patient Responsibilities

Trust and Respect for Healthcare Providers

Patients should provide accurate health-related information to healthcare providers and trust and respect their treatment plans.

Responsibility to Receive Treatment Through Legitimate Means

Patients must verify their identity before receiving medical treatment and should not use false or illegitimate methods to obtain medical care, such as receiving treatment under someone else's name.