This is a greeting from the director of the Seongsu Medical Foundation BS General Hospital.

Welcome to BS General Hospital. Sung Soo Medical Foundation, with the mission of “Bringing back Eden to this land through creating and healing hands,” started as a private clinic in 2000. It has become a representative medical center in the western part of Incheon, with Incheon Baek Hospital (opened in 2007, located in Dong-gu, Incheon) and BS General Hospital (opened in 2018, located in Ganghwa-gun) as its affiliated hospitals.

BS General Hospital, with the slogan “Brilliant Spirit,” is a hospital prepared by the Foundation for social contribution. It can expand up to 300 ward beds and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities comparable to university hospitals. Our excellent medical staff, including professors from university hospitals, provide accurate diagnoses and proper treatments.

Furthermore, BS General Hospital serves as a regional emergency medical institution, a designated veterans hospital, and an advanced regenerative medicine institution. It plays the role of a regional medical center and public healthcare institution. As a general hospital that also conducts research (stem cells), we collaborate with other hospitals under the Foundation to ensure the stability of medical treatments and provide personalized healthcare services tailored to individual needs.

Located in the gifted natural environment of Ganghwa-gun, we strive to enhance our expertise in healthcare, from prevention to treatment and management. Our utmost dedication is to ensure our patients’ speedy recovery and well-being.

Thank you and sincerely,
Sung Soo Medical Foundation BS General Hospital