Outpatient Treatment Guide

These are the outpatient treatment procedures.

Outpatient Treatment Procedures

  1. 01. Completing the Treatment Application

    Please bring your identification and medical insurance card to the 1st-floor registration desk, where you will be asked to fill out a patient information form and a personal information consent form.

  2. 02. Registration with the Administrative Team

    Please inform the staff about the type of visit and your symptoms or reason for coming. Once registered, kindly wait for your turn, at the administrative desk (for general outpatient visits, auto insurance claims, and industrial injuries).

  3. 03. Waiting for Your Consultation

    Once you have registered, you will be directed to the appropriate department for your consultation. The hospital uses a straightforward numbering system for guidance; please follow the instructions provided.

  4. 04. Medical Consultation

    At BS General Hospital, upon registration, you will be guided to the respective medical department through the OCS program, allowing you to receive medical consultations in an orderly manner.

  5. 05. Medical Tests

    If same-day testing is not possible, you will be scheduled for a test later. If necessary, please proceed to the designated testing facility as directed by the department. If same-day testing is not possible, you will be scheduled for a test later.

  6. 06. Billing and Payment

    Once you have been seen by the medical team, please proceed to the billing desk at the billing desk to settle your medical expenses.

  7. 07. Returning Home

    Before you leave, make sure to review your follow-up appointments and instructions for your next visit. We wish you a safe journey home.